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DCET is all about Education, Mentoring and Leadership

Understanding the needs of an 
under-served population​​​

Hispanic/Latino families in its majority, find DCET as a  one-stop-shop. We offer multigenerational educational, cultural and community initiatives in partnership with the City of Irving, the Dallas and Irving school districts, corporations, mentors and volunteers. At DCET, parents learn ESL, GED, Citizenship classes, Spanish Literacy, or Computer classes while their children in another activity room, under the same roof practice dancing Mexican Folklorico, singing and playing some musical instrument). We strive for youth/children and their parents to become productive members of society while developing a sense of joy and pride working together to reach these goals.  Students at DCET are developed as leaders of this country. After graduation some students become facilitators of our programs and education is passed on to first, second and third generations. Second generation high school students become tutors of parents learning other language and in return, DCET mentors them with prep-college workshops assisting them to enter college.  A win/win situation!

Our Mission
To provide literacy, workforce development programs, and other educational, cultural, mentoring and community initiatives for under served low and moderate income immigrants in its majority Hispanic/Latino youth and their families in their process of assimilation and acculturation, allowing them to become productive members of society.

Our Vision

We see LA ESCUELITA of DCET community learning centers all over locally, regionally and nationally.  Also a dedicated team of prefessional staff teaching ESL, GED, Citizenship, COmputer & Spanish literacy classes for iommigrant families providng wthem with solutions to their educational needs. 

Our Goals

  • To offer literacy programs aimed in its majority to Hispanic Youth and their families while strengthen family unity, pride and identity among themselves.
  • To offer mentoring/Leadership programs using the Fine Arts to build in youth: Self Esteem, Social Skills and Fitness instilling in them pride, heritage and culture.
  • ​To build strong ties with community leaders, schools, educators, dignitaries and corporations to build bridges among the needs of our communities resulting in greater economic benefits to our country.
  • To bring family values and prevention of drugs and alcohol programs through an annual conference.
  • To  contribute to bring education to youth and their families developing a true potential toward the needs of this country.​​

  • To promote multicultural events offering health, education and fun to fundraise funds for high school students going to college.​

  • To offer community programs  that can assist our students  to become new productive citizens of this Country, resulting in highly productive members of society.






Our Values

​The continuous improvement of our program

Tolerance and punctuality.​

Constructive criticisms with  a positive solution. 

We welcome concised and precised suggestions

Having all members of this corporation act with kindness and courtesy in all their dealings.

Mutual respect and dignity.

To never put anybody in a different category.

Promotion of expression, opinions and inquiring

We are innovators, our Mission saves and transforms lives through EDUCATION!

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We assist the immigrant communities in the areas  of personal and business development focusing in Literacy, Mentoring and Leadership with ESL, GED, Citizenship and Computer classes as well as Spanish Literacy Classes FREE

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DCET's Annual Fundraising Event

Fundaraising for EDUCATION



Save the Date:

Sunday, May the 1stth, 2021

33rd Annual Multicultural

CINCO DE MAYO Festival and

Health/Education/Job Fair

DCET's Annual Fundraising Event
Presented by HOME DEPOT

at Senter Park Recreation Center

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