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Stories of our students who reached sucess is our pay check!  The bettermet of our students who thought "they'll never make it"  is such a joy.  Their long hours of study after all, pays off.  We are proud to be of assistane to our community, especially to people who need help in learning how to read and write in ther own language. By supporting Literacy, we help not only a city, but our country

“Don Leopoldo” May he rest in Peace~~

We all loved him and respected him as one of the most wonderful success stories of DCET.  He came on February of 2012 and enrolled in ESL classes in search of obtaining his Citizenship status.  He had difficulties in speaking English even though he could understand it and write it.  It was then when we introduced him to the TEC of Monterrey University English Basic Course with phonetics.  He was delighted to learn and after finishing this 180 hour course he started his Citizenship course.  On November, 2014 he announced he passed the Citizenship test and was extremely happy to soon become a Citizen of this Country.  Don Leopoldo after graduating from two courses he was thankful to DCET and wanted to return all the generosity of his free classes provided to him by DCET. After  graduation he offered to be a facilitator at LA ESCUELITA in Irving.  It was then when we offered him to apply for  a paid position to a senior program sponsored by AARP.  He accepted this challenge and even though his health condition (heart problems) could have impeded him to full service our students, he succeeded! He performed as a professional assisting DCET.  It is with sadness that we learned he passed away in January of  this year.  We will always be remembered and we are thankful for his great work.  Don Leopoldo, rest in peace, To bad you could not attend your Citizen ceremony, but we know in spirit you are there and you are watching over your ESCUELITA.

Don Leopoldo, you will always be in our hearts.   Take care of LA ESCUELITA from Heaven~

Maria Palma Elementary (Primaria) Student  (CLICK here to hear her testimony)

When Maria Palma came to “La Escuelita” of DCET back in 2013, she enrolled in our PLAZAS COMUNITARIAS program and shared her dream about learning how to write and read in Spanish.  She said she will put all of her efforts in succeeding.  “Education is what I know is going to make me reach the stars…” she expressed.  So far she finished her Basic Literacy course and is now ready to graduate from elementary school in August.  “There are many obstacles I had to overcome within a short amount of time. My life took a turn when I discovered the beauty of reading signs, books, etc. Nothing was the same after that, I now know everything is possible in life through education. I feel emotional and very motivated, my teachers at DCET have helped me so much of all the places that I have gone, DCET is the one that has helped me the most.” She said. I am very eager and happy because I am looking forward to reaching my goals, I feel like I'm going to achieve what I want in life and for that I thank God for giving me the opportunity of giving me wisdom.”  Tears rolled from her eyes. Maria Palma felt LA ESCUELITA of DCET can fullfill her dreams she alwaysoffer a big smile she lets everybody know: SI SE PUEDE!  Yes, you can..Maria a proud 2015 success story of DCET.

Mr. Laguna "The Bright Star" at the night of his graduation he said:  "It's never too old to finish the sixth grade"  Antonio Laguna never gave up.  At 60, his dark hair is flecked with gray and his face is creased with wrinkles.  But he wears tonight a wide smile.  He just completed elementary school at DCET. Laguna faced a major challenge in learning English when ghe came to the U.S. years ago.  He'd never had an edcuation.  He could'nt read or write.  Whe he heard about DCET/Believe in Yourself, Inc. he saw an opportunity to change his life.  Going to school wasn't eady.  He lacked a car and had to ride a biclycle every day.  But he never let bad weather deter him.  He rarely missed a class and was always on time.  "Do not let anything stop you from becoming a more educated person", Laguna said through an interpreter.  "If I can do it without having a car, others sure can do it too."  Armed with his "primaria" (elementary) certificate, Laguna next plans to start ESL classes at the non profit then pursue his "secundaria" (Jr. High) and Preparatoria (High School) diploma. 

Read the whole article by DEBORAH FLECK / The Dallas Morning News
DEBORAH FLECK / The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News
Published: 04 July 2010 10:24 AM

Sixty-year-old Antonio Laguna donned his red graduation gown before a graduation celebration Friday night in Irving. His daughter, Araceli Laguna (center), and his granddaughter, Jasmine M. Laguna, helped him prepare.

Teresa Rivera, Elementary and Jr. High School Graduate

Teresita is another beautiful success Story of DCET - At 62 years of age, last year she finished elementary school through the PLAZAS COMUNITARIAS Spanish curricula from the Dep. Of Education in Mexico — she is now ready to graduate from Jr. High School in August.  She is amazed about the beauty of learning how to add and subtract figures and excited to upgrade from working long and exhausted hours as a helper at a kitchen of a restaurant to possibly becoming a cashier.  She loves numbers and is eager to continue studying Computer Literacy courses this year to be able to apply her knowledge to browse through search engines and learn more.  “Nothing will stop me now that I can read stories, like the one I learned from.” I felts at one point that I was too old to learn, but it is not true, It is never late to learn, to advance in life and become educated.” she said.  All she needed was someone to encourage her. Her sons did that and along with LA ESCUELITA of DCET “I will finish my Computer Literacy course and have a better-paid job at the Restaurant,” she expressed.  This lady is ready to climb the mountain of success…! She is one of our very success stories of DCET!

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