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FLY Develops: Self Esteem, Social Skills and Character in Youth

FLY (Folklorico Leadership for Youth)

A Mentoring and Leadership Workshop through Dancing


​​The Folklorico Leadership for Youth Spring Break Workshop is a pioneer concept that addresses the needs of the Hispanic community of Texas in innovative ways for those who want to transform their lives through the power of dance, culture, mentoring and mainly Leadership. ​

  • To encourage academic achievement and school involvement among Hispanic youth through providing events and workshops to extra curricular Folklorico and other dance forms.

Testimonial of a FLY Student of Leadership who Believes this was one of the best experiences in her life!

FLY was designed by Ms. Liz Gallego, DCET Mentoring & Leadership Board Director.  

This regional Leadership Workshop attracts students to come to Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX from other cities of the Metroplex, to participate in a 5-day-long training program teaching leadership, mentoring as well as Folklórico dance.

FLY brings most recognized Mexican dance master teachers Juan Daniel Huerta Ramirez, Fernando Hernandez under the direction of Master Folklorico teacher Rebeca Llamas. Students and teachers not only teach folklorico but encourage academic achievement and school involvement among Hispanic youth through providing events and workshops for extra-curricular Folklórico and other dances.

Translation into English:

​Interviewer:  How are you doing

​Student: Good!

Interviewer:  Are you enjoying this workshop?

​Student: Yes!

​Interviewer: Have you Learned a lot?

Student: Yes! 


Interviewer: Tell me what have you learned?

​Student: At this class I lave learned... I don't know... there is so much. But  It is like this class  has instilled in me a self assurance that I will be able to pursue my dreams.  I know that what I want will have obstacles, problems in the middle, but I now know I will reach my goals with courage and determination.

Interviewer:  You will overcome them?

Student: Yes!

Interviewer: Great! Beautiful! Are you coming back next year?

Student: Yes, I hope so, being a Senior I am so busy, I want to  put all my efforts into making it! I want to go to the national workshop in Las Vegas.
​Interviewer: if you could rate us from 1 to 10, considering the folklorico, modern dance and the leadership classes, what score can you give us?

Student: Ten!.

​Interviewer: Ten?, Oh My God! Give yourselves  a hand, start clapping!

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