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Platon Lerma 

He will always be considered:

  • An Example of Charity

  • A Motivator

  • An Activist for great causes

  • A Teacher

  • An Advisor

  • A Spokesperson

  • A Man of Great Faith

Someone who made a difference in life...

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In 2015. Mr. Lerma received the DCET posthumous SILENT HERO AZTECA AWARD for his accomplishments. Mr. Lerma utilized his leadership and guidance, as well as his extensive expertise to develop a Strategic Planning for DCET. He brought policies and standards of excellence while being sure that assessment, planning, fundraising, and management functions will always be present at DCET.

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Our Fundraising efforts ​​support our Literacy Programs and the PLATON LERMA SCHOLARSHIP fund to assist High School Seniors reach college​

Platon Lerma believed in EDUCATION which results in bringing productive members of society.  When he came to DCET in 1999 he brought knowledge, leadership and mentoring to Executive Dir. Elvia Wallace-Martinez and teamed up with her to brought full compliance and structure to DCET. 


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Silent Hero Azteca Awards

The ​SHA event highlights individuals that have been distinguished by their community service and have supported the Literacy and Mentoring programs of DCET. 

Cinco de Mayo

DCET partners with the City of Irving in bringing CINCO DE MAYO offering health and wellness programs as well as educational initiatives.  Our sponsors make possible to supply to needs of our ESL, GED, Citizenship and computer class students. CINCO DE MAYO Multicultural Festival and Health Fair makes possible to fund scholarships to Irving High School Senior students reaching college and assist the Literacy programs at DCET.  Cultural diversity is also a component of this Festival where entertainment and good food makes a whole day of joy free!Multicultural Festival with Education, Health and Job Fair in Irving, TX - First Saturday in May.

Folklorico Leadership for Youth

A 3-day Intensive workshop which includes Leadership and Mentoring brings Master Folklorico teachers from Mexico of a specific region in order to preserve the traditionality and originality of Folklorico. 

Youth in College

This 3-hour conference is a guidance for Youth and their families to  prevent or to  overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction & Family Violence while helping families from being welfare dependency. Outcomes produce meaningful lasting results in Hispanic/Latino families while changing their lives.

Supporting EDUCATION

Platon Lerma Posthumous

Co-Founder of DCET and

Ex-Officio Board President always wanted students to follow his path: EDUCATION!


Being a from a very low income family, at age 11 Platon distributed newspapers door to door to help with his education and the economy of his home. 

Donate in pro of EDUCATION!



Make it happen~

Please donate for a worthy cause: 

1.  Platón Lerma Scholarship Fund 

This donation will allow our High School/College Senior students who did an internship at DCET and who deserve your scholarship to help them continue with their professional career. THANK YOU for assisting their needs~ CLICK here to donate for a worthy cause: EDUCATION (Select Option #3)

2. Donation-based Crowdfunding:

This type of crowdfunding is one of the most common. In donation-based crowdfunding, people support a cause by donating to it without receiving anything in return. The person running the fundraiser isn’t obligated to pay back donors or give them anything else in return for their contributions.

GoFundMe is one of the major crowdfunding sites that uses donation-based crowdfunding.


2. DCET Bequest Donation Program: 

  • Specific bequest - a certain amount of cash, securities, or property.

  • General bequest - property that is similar to all other items distributed, usually cash.

  • Percentage bequest - a stated percentage of the donor's estate.

  • Residual bequest - all or a portion of what remains of the estate after specific and general bequests are distributed.

3. Rewards-based: Through rewards-based crowdfunding, the organizer of the fundraiser offers a reward to donors, usually a service or physical item, in exchange for a contribution.

4. Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust

Besides an outright bequest, you as a donor can also set up a trust to benefit DCET during or after their lifetime. 

5.  You as a donor can name one or more nonprofits as beneficiaries of an insurance policy or as the recipient of an IRA or another qualified retirement fund

6. NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY 2021DCET will be participate again in this North Texas Fundraising


CHARITY happens to be the 3rd. largest industry in the world, solves the biggest problems of POVERTY, HUNGER, EDUCATION, etc.  DCET fundraises strategically with the idea that we cannot operate with a poverty mentality.

WE ARE INNOVATORS  -  Our Mission saves and transforms lives!


If we don't have the finances to support our Educational, Cualtural and Health programs, we cannot bring our Mision to work.  We don't want our legacy to die.  YOU ARE THE ANSWER to social progress! 


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