Josie Flores,

 FAMA, Programa           Director

Her Love and Passion to help our children earn self esteem through dancing Folklorico, singing and playing musical instruments is her secret to build young kids into successful and productive members of society.

Make it happen~

Please donate for a worthy cause

  • $10 Buys a Practice FAMA t-shirt for one student

  • $20 Buys a Practice skirt for a dance student

  • $50 Buys health care and hygiene supplies for a child for a year.

  • $100 Provides school supplies for one child for a year.

  • $300 Buys a tablet for a class to incorporate early technology learning and in-class assessments.

  • $500 Buys 50 new children’s music CD’s for song time.


(Fine Arts Mentoring Amigos)

  • Self Esteem
  • Social Skills
  • Fitness
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership​
  • Self Confidence

MENTORING at FAMA means constructive feedback and advice while supporting enthusiasm and interest through dancing and singing

Mentoring, Tutoring, Classes of Singing, Dancing and Playing Accordion & Piano

FAMA students need your support!