Se Puede!

Guillermo Tovar

Paulina Portillo


Ma. Cristina Rivera

anita arteaga33.png

Ana M. Arteaga


¡Sí se Puede!

GRADUATION day at DCET is always a day of rejoicing. It signifies the culmination of many hours of hard work in the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Never Give up! Yes, we can...

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Throughout the school year ESL, GED, Computer and Citizenship students, as well as the Spanish Literacy graduates are issued a certificate and/or diploma which demonstrates what they have learned throughout the school year.

Dina Huitron

Hilario Molina

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Santos Cruz de Bonilla


Juan Carlos Niño Gaytan

Orbelina Gomez

Darvin Avila

Felisa Garcia Gonzalez

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Learning does not stop at Graduation

DCET helped me to succeed~

Please donate to sponsor the dinner and graduation robe and hat for one/two students

Make it happen~

Please donate for a worthy cause: 


Ms. Silvana Ursola, ESL Volunteer Teacher,  whose services will always be greatly Appreciated!


THANK YOU for caring for your students!

Rudy Guerrero

Ana Karen Cordoba Botello

Ma. del Carmen Alvarez.jpg

Ma. del Carmen Alvarez

Alfredo Rosales

On Graduation Day, CELEBRATING New Citizens of USA!

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
—Malcolm X


Great Celebration!

Annual Graduation Day

Congratulate a Graduate

 by signing a graduation card and share your thoughts about how proud you are of them reaching their educational goals.

Thank you for signing this card to your graduate. BE A MENTOR