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English and Spanish Computer Literacy Classes

Parents Learning Computer Skills 

We have students from all backgrounds with one goal in common: the desire to take control of their future with a fulfilling career that leads to financial freedom!
Read the success stories from our program graduates, and learn what’s possible for you!

Having basic computer literacy skills makes it easier to complete everyday assignments and tasks and increases a community’s productivity. Not only does technology literacy promote chances at educational success, it enhances prospects for social success

English and Spanish Computer LIteracy

Computer Class
Students in Computer Class

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Empowering Parents through technology
so that they can understand their children's needs and help them with homework.

10-ten hour course “PARA SOLTAR LA MANO, helps beginners learn how to use the mouse and work on important strokes with their hand.
The TEC of Monterrey University “INTRODUCCION AL MUNDO COMPUTACIONAL” is a 40 hour course to introduce students to the world of computers.
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INEA curricula for Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher classes
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