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Tony Melendez


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YIC (Youth in College) Presents:

SUPERATE Musical Conference

Wordly famous TONY MELENDEZ and Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez inspire youth to reach their goals
The SUPERATE  conferences which guides Youth and their families to prevent Drugs and Alcohol Addiction, Family Violence and Racism.
Famous personalities like singer Melendez and Best-seller writer Cuauhtemoc Sanchez exhort youth to be a better person by motivating them and letting them know how important is to grow practicing virtues and values.

Main purpose of these conferences is to exhort youth to stay in school and go to college. This event will link audience with Internationally famous artist Tony Melendez, a Nicaraguan American Singer, Composer, Guitarist and Writer who was borne without arms.  His mother took Thalidomide while pregnant which caused his disability.  Melendez has learned to play the guitar with his feet.

On September 15, 1987, Melendez sang "Never Be the Same" performing in a special presentation for Pope John Paul II, the Pope descended from his chair kissed Tony's head embracing him and saying: "Tony my wish to you, is to continue of giving this hope to all of the people."  This inspired him to help and dedicate his life to help others.  His special common sense approach is based on human quality.  Tony Melendez exhorts his audience to live their lives respecting moral and family values. He is capable to inspire others to change their lives for the best potential outcome.   

Proceeds from these conferences about virtues and family values  support DCET literacy programs and the PLATON LERMA Scholarship fund to help High school Seniors students reach college. 

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Sponsors that have supported these important conferences
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