Spanish Literacy 

(Alfabetización, Primaria, Secundaria)​ 

This Spanish curriculum is for adult students who are learning to read/write in Spanish, and/or need to complete their Elementary and/or their Jr. High Schooling. 

Plazas Comunitarias is the first Spanish literacy program of its kind developing the right skills and path to learn English. This program help senior adult citizens who can't transition to learn English to be able to pass the citizenship test. A certified diploma is issue through a certification of the Department of Education in Mexico. 

Plaza Comunitaria is a program that offers a great opportunity for adults who have immigrated from Spanish-Speaking countries to finish or begin their elementary and secondary education in Spanish. Plaza Comunitaria is sponsored by INEA (Instituto Nacional de Educaciόn para Adultos.

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DCET' Spanish curricula includes:

•Basic Literacy  (Alfabetizacion)

•Elementary (Primaria)

•Jr. High School (Secundaria)

Class Schedule​

Mondays 12-2pm

Thursdays 2-4pm

Call for Appointment to register:


DCET is proud to be in partnership with Plaza Comunitaria and INEA to support to the ongoing adult education and literacy of Spanish-speaking immigrants. The program includes the following services:

  • Basic education (literacy, primary and secondary) for youth and adults in educational remediation, both in classrooms and online with goal of facilitating participants in beginning and finishing their studies and receiving a diploma from the Mexican Education System.

  • Access to new information and communication technologies for the development of reading, writing, communication, logical reasoning, and the information needed for participants to find employment.

  • User support in activities related to computer use, Internet, interactive CDs and email.


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