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Ms. Silvana Ursola, ESL Volunteer Teacher,  whose services will always be greatly Appreciated!
 THANK YOU for caring for your students!


Our programs and events are supported by more than 150 volunteers who work every year with passion and dedication

These are DCET's Volunteer Opportunities:

Research, Strategic Planning - Marketing, Social Media  
Management, Administration - Teaching, Community and Special Events, Board Membership


Creemos en nosotros mismos


Who can be a Volunteer at DCET

  • College students

  • Jr. High School Students

  • High School Students

  • Community Volunteers

  • ​Organizations and churches who would like to participate in group projects

  • Court Mandated volunteers are welcome!

If you are interested in participating in the following
Volunteer Opportunities:

Application for Volunteer or Internship Program
Volunteer Requirements:
Download DCET Internship Manual 

      The YIC (Youth in College) Prep College Program at DCET

College preparatory is a program at DCET that HELPS prepare high school students for college. This program also helps parents understand how important it is to prepare their children for admission to college, stay there and graduate.  All schools should adopt a college preparatory program but sometimes this does not happen. 
We at DCET assist interns for college success finding scholarship opportunities.
Our Internship program is  a win/win situation where students, their parents and DCET have mutual benefits.  One of the benefits is to offer parents the opportunity to study, ESL, GED, Citizenship and Computer classes free. This program links families to other empowering opportunities through higher education and community involvement.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria to receive a


  • Eligible applicants must be graduating seniors from High School in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

  • A good standing student.

  • A U.S. citizens or documented legal residents of the United States.

                                Selection criteria includes:

  • Aspirations and ideals as expressed in an essay.

  • School AP enrollment.

  • Demonstrate Leadership Skills.

  • 100 hours of Community Volunteer Hours at DCET.

Elvia Wallace-Martinez, Exec. Director and Founder of DCET

sets an example of voluntarism since 1995

Send Whatssap text: 214-587-1983

or, email us:

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