DCET ​Program Characteristics


1. We develop ways for families to have self-pride and an attitude of "believing in themselves."

2. We encourage citizens to continue their education to become valuable members of society.

3. We offer enrichment educational programs for youth and their familes.

4. We Increase parent literacy skills by offering ESL, GED, Spanish Literacy and Citizenship and Computer Classes.

5. We integrate drug awareness, family violence reduction, and prevention programs.

6. We promote the prevention of school dropouts, gang intervention, drugs and alcohol and family violence.

7. We promote social and leadership skills through mentoring and tutoring in after school programs.

8. We offer fine arts activities enhancing character building, self-confidence and fitness.

9. We discuss career exploration.

Literacy, Mentoring and Community Programs at DCET a one-stop-shop!

DCET's programs fight illiteracy and meet the educational needs for adult immigrants helping them to increase labor awareness, self-esteem, social skills building, and professional development. DCET’s programs have been culturally designed to serve the needs of an underserved community: the immigrant community.  We serve students from Pakistan, India, Somalia and all Latin American countries at our community learning centers  “La Escuelita.” DCET assists the educational needs of over 500 people a year with ESOL, GED, Spanish Literacy, Citizenship and Computer Literacy classes through Mentoring and Leadership. 

DCET helps students maintain good school grades while while promoting literacy and offering a referral and information system to connect them to health, social and human services.​


By molding a defined identity and developing pride in heritage and culture, students become successful members of society. Families are prepared to prevent their children from dropping out of school and becoming dependent on government assistance.​ 

Literacy Programs

DCET is all about Education!

Citizenship Class Schedule​

Mondays 12-2pm

Thursdays 2-4pm

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ESL (English as a Second Other Language)

This course aims at developing students' ability to handle a variety of basic social situations (introductions, ordering meals, asking directions, making purchases, taking & leaving simple messages, etc.). Students learn to tell simple stories and describe pictures in simple sentences, and to understand simple narratives.


Plazas Comunitarias 

Spanish Literacy (Alfabetizacion, Primaria, Secundaria)​ for senior citizens

This is a Spanish curriculum for students to learn English easier. Plazas Comunitarias is the first Spanish literacy program of its kind developing the right skills and path to learn English. This facilitates illiterate people, specially those senior citizens who can't transition to learn English to be able to pass the citizenship test. Our students learn how to read/write in their native language and can read signs. After they go to the basic literacy in Spanish they are ready to start Elementary, Jr. High and High School certified diploma through a certification of the Department of Education in Mexico. 

Computer Literacy in Spanish and English

"Habilidades Basicas en Informatica"

Computer Literacy in Spanish and English

Habilidades Basicas en Informatica is a 180-hour program for Spanish speaking adults. Participants will learn basic computer literacy with a focus  on  Word, Power Point, Excel and Internet Acces and keyboarding. we also assist with English Computer Literacy courses with includes: Introduction to Computers, the windows Operating System, Word, Excel, Power Point, Browsing throught the Internet and E-Mail correspondence.


GED (General Education Development)

Students at DCET are prepared to take the GED Test once they are ready to pass the 5-part test (Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics). The GED diploma is for adults who do not have a high school diploma.  Adults must take and pass a at a certified testing center. The GED  diploma is recognized nationally by schools, training programs, and employers as EQUAL to a high school diploma.  


Community/Cultural/Mentoring and Civic Programs at DCET



Testimonial of Jose Blanco, a  senior citizen Graduating of ESL and Spanish Literacy at DCET at 49

Citizenship Classes

The right to vote by becoming a Citizen


DCET prepares students for the The U.S. Citizenship Exam and provides all the necessary guidance for them to respond to the interview questions by Homeland Security.  Students gain an understanding of the American system government, History and the American political system. The preparation course meets the state citizenship requirement for graduation. The course also includes the roles and responsibilities of citizen participation in voting, and the relationship of the individual to the law and legal system. It stresses critical analyses of public issues and integrates various social studies skills


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A DCET Internship Program for community volunteer students with the components of Leadership and Mentoring. This year-round College-Prep Program provides youth with opportunities participating in positive activities, set goals, experience academic success, and plan for their future.  The program addresses the academic needs of youth enrolled in middle and high school that are seeking additional support in achieving their goals an maximizing their success. 

This year-round College-Prep Program provides youth with opportuniites participating in positive activities, set goals, experience academic success, and plan for their future.  The program addresses the academic needs of youth enrolled in middle and high school that are seeking additional support in achieving their goals an maximizing their success.

FAMA (Fine Arts Mentoring Amigos)
DCET's FAMA (Fine Arts Mentoring Amigos) program provides Skilled Mentors to help in Arts and Culture Program targets at-risk Hispanic children and youth. FAMA mentoring activities help increase self-esteem and self-confidence helping young students to instill pride in their culture. FAMA promotes cultural awareness through the arts while building on the strengths and abilities of these youth using the performing and visual arts as a strategy to help increase their values and positive behavior toward school.