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Come and earn your 100 community volunteer hours here at DCET!

  • College students

  • Jr. High School Students

  • High School Students

  • Community Volunteers

Organizations and churches enjoy participating in group projects at DCET.


DCET proves to be truly a fulfilling experience while earning WORK ON HAND EXPERIENCE!


Mobile: (214) 587-1983

Internship and Volunteer

Graduates and undergraduate students from Devry University and UT Arlington have interned and provided DCET with IT Services, Research, Strategic Planning, Corporate Evaluation, and Management at DCET. We offer part-time internships for students to engage in on-going program activities, marketing and Administration tasks.


Internship - Volunteer Application

Or, Call us!
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You can make a difference as a volunteer, just like me!

"You will be helping other people in need. For some, you will be making a direct difference in their lives forever. We benefit so greatly from our positive influence." 

DCET welcomes individual volunteers, or group volunteer as well! Tell your school, your church, or any organization you may belong to that we would love to work with them. For students, volunteering with DCET is a great way to get community service hours completed.


DCET is an agency that cares about the people and their education we serve unique and special individuals. We feel the same way about our wonderful volunteers and want everyone to enjoy their experience here at DCET!  Organizations and the churches enjoy participating in group projects here. And for our individual volunteers, giving time to DCET proves to be truly fulfilling experience.

YOU Can Make a Difference as a Volunteer!

Come and Volunteers at DCET learn a lot and will have lots of fun and recognition!

Volunteer Requirements:

Download DCET Internship Program

Community Volunteer hours a requirement for scholarships!

Call DCET 214-587-1983

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