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We Operate With Standards of Excellence!




Operating with Standards of Excellence and a firm Financial Stability

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Our model relies on very limited resources but allows us to serve thousands of adults annually through the dedication of hundreds of volunteer teachers and a strategic network of collaborations and partner sites.
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DCET Respects and Operates under the following standards  of Malcolm Baldridge Criteria:

Total Service Excellence


Passion for Quality

  • Meeting and Exceeding the expectations of our clients

  • Processes & Excellence of service from other service Providers

  • Bringing People Together

  • Working with Organizational Skills

  • Measurable and Quantifiable Standards of Excellence

  • Human Resources Systems

  • Client Feedback

  • Resolve Complaints ethically

  • Maintaining good relationships with suppliers and vendors and clients

  • Keep a systematic organizational development and improvement

  • Practice quality in a  highly systematic way

  • Integrate passion into measured outcome excellence

DCET's programs fight illiteracy and meet the educational needs for adult immigrants helping them to increase labor awareness, self-esteem, social skills building, and professional development.

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