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Our DCET Board of Directors

Elvia (Nina)


Founder and Fundraising Committee

Felipe Lezama
Secretary and IT Committee

Carole Lawrence
Treasurer and Finance Committee Director

Otto Gonzalez
Marketing and Public Relations Committee

Mirna Algarin
Literacy Programs


Liz Gallego
Mentoring Cultural  Programs


990 IRS Reports

        2011  2012  2013   2014 

Advisory Council Members

Clark Bonilla

Manuel A. Martinez

Baraka Dan-Azoumi

Anne Marie Weiss

Ex-Officio Members 

(Past Presidents)


Sharon Barbosa                    1998 - 1999

Bernard Guerrini                   1999 - 2000 

Platón Lerma                        2000 - 2002

Frances Rizo                         2003 - 2004

Ray Champney                      2004 - 2006

Rudy Murillo, Jr.                     2007 - 2009

Pedro Rico, Jr.                       2005 - 2007

Dawn Sanchez                       2009 - 2009

Herb Gears                           2009 - 2011

Iliana Alonso                         2011 - 2012

Abimael Cerda (6 months)      2012 - 2012

David Alameel                       2012 - 2013

Richard Sambrano (6 months) 2013 - 2013

Honorary Members of DCET

Dirk Stricklin

Elba Garcia

City of Irving

National Jewish Congress

The Mexican Consulate

Board Meetings are Recorded in our printed Minutes and also electronically and virtually for revision purposes - all members attending the meetings evaluate its proceeds at the end of each session.

           Meeting Dates

DCET Board of Directors meetings are held at 4528 Knights Crossing Rd. Grand Prairie, TX 75052 on the last Thursday of every quarter of the year unless otherwise designated.


Members and non-members are invited. 

First Quarter

Thursday, March 26, 2020  - 6:30pm


Second Quarter

Thursday, June 25, 2020  - 6:30pm


Third Quarter 

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 6:30pm


Fourth Quarter

Thursday, December 24, 2018 - 6:30pm

This Meeting of December is always conducted on January 20th due to consider that December is a very busy month due to the Christmas holidays. Dates might be subject to change.

Full Transparency at DCET

We invite you to view our:


Annual Reports and IRS 990 reports

Our DCET Staff

Program Director

Elvia Wallace-Martinez
Exec. Dir & Corporate Development


Jesus Mario Martínez
Volunteer Math Teacher Spanish Literacy

Josie Avila

Mentoring Cultural


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